Australia’s Most Expensive City To Die: Perth

The Economist Intelligence Unit released an index last detailing the most ‘liveable’ cities in Australia, with the city of Perth ranking a comfortable number 7 on the list. For those seeking to move to Perth, however, there’s a bit of a catch: living conditions there are quite notable, but funeral costs there are also notable as well. Notable in how expensive they are.

In fact, recent studies from show that the city of Perth has the highest average funeral costs in the country, sitting at $7,764, with funeral directors in Sydney and Melbourne trailing at $7,621 and $7,586, respectively.

Canberra, Australia’s capital city, was resting peacefully on the other end of the list, holding the cheapest average cost for a funeral at $6,131, with Hobart and Adelaide trailing at $6,508 and $6,657, respectively, meaning that the difference in average cost between the cheapest and the most expensive sit at a steep $1,633.

According to, the survey took into account burials and the cheaper alternative of cremation.

Notably, funeral directors in Sydney charge the most for burials, but the cost of cremation there is only third in the country, which puts the city at second, behind Perth. The additional costs related to the option of burials could possibly be related to city’s land and real estate costs.

A spokesperson from, however, has stated that funerals might bite into wallets more than approximated, as there are quite a few costs to consider. The spokesperson, Bessie Hassan, adds that it isn’t unheard of for costs to go past $10,000, and if this is an issue, prepaying for the funeral or having a good insurance policy might be worth considering.

The University of Sydney Business School, however, has thrown in their two cents with regards to funeral costs, having published a research paper regarding the costs of funerals throughout the country. According to them, funeral directors are ‘upselling’ options to families, making them spend far more than what they actually need. For reference, the cost of a proper disposal for a body, following Australia’s regulations, sits at about $1200. The average cost for a funeral in the country, however, hovered at around $6000.