Australia Post + Amazon Partnership: Time To Check Courier Quote

Nowadays, more and more people are enjoying the benefits of making online purchases from a wide variety of online stores around the world. You see, some people are simply sick and dead tired of having to go to the department store, and line up for hours especially whenever the items inside the stores are on sale. People have been enjoying doing shopping at the comfort of their very own couch. They will just need to go to the URL of the online store itself, log-in into their respective accounts, choose items which they intended to buy, then choose whether you will pay using your credit or debit card or, you will paying using the cash on delivery method. In some instances, city-to-city delivery may take days to complete while inter-country shipping may take weeks or even months.  That’s why when you are either planning to buy anything from a specific online store or, you’re planning to send a package to your precious family at home, you have to make it a habit of yours to check courier quote from the courier service provider that the online store using because there are different fees that are needed to be paid depending on the size and weight of the package that you’re about to send through them.

Speaking of online purchases and sending packages, it was reported back in May 2017 that Australia Post, Australia’s leading courier service provider, was in the near end of a talk with Amazon, one of US’ leading online retailers which would finalize a working partnership between the two companies. This was after Amazon has made an announcement a few months ago that it was indeed, looking for a site for its fulfilment centre in Australia. Both sides were expecting to seal the deal by this month. This would mean that Australian buyers at Amazon can now buy more items from Amazon’s online store and when they have chosen the products, they can simply check the courier quote to see the final fee that they will need to pay. Also, the partnership between Australia Post and Amazon will generate additional revenues for both sides owing to the fact that Aussies do love shopping.