Argentine’s Prosecutor Found Dead; President Restructures Intelligence Network

The death of Argentina’s prosecutor ignited the decision of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner to make some major changes in the networks of intelligence of her country.

The president echoed her sentiments in media that she would support a bill to dissolve such intelligence network in Argentina. She further stated that she would replace it with a federal intelligence agency.

The current intelligence body of Argentina is composed of more than 2,000 people.

The death of Argentine’s prosecutor

Last week, Alberto Nisman, Argentine’s prosecutor was found dead in his apartment. He was hours away from testifying in Congress against the president of Argentina whom he accused of creating a cover-up for Iran in the 1994 Jewish attacks in Buenos Aires.

The hardworking lawyer was found dead in his bathroom with a 22 caliber handgun by his side. Nisman was in the middle of an investigation of a Jewish center bombing last 1994. According to the evidences that were gathered by his team, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and some top officials were covering up the tracks of Iran in exchange for supply of oil from Iran. He filed a 300 page complaint against the president and her conspirators.

After the death of the prosecutor, the Argentine officials including the president herself were quick to declare that it was suicide even before autopsy was performed. This move of the Argentine government appalled the Argentineans. Several days later, the president published a statement in her website retracting her first conclusion of the tragedy. She now stated that the death of the prosecutor was apparently not suicide.

How Argentinians view the prosecutor’s death

With the unfolding of events in Argentina, around 70 percent of the population of Argentina thinks that the prosecutor was murdered. Most of them are divided with the current issue regarding Argentine’s change in intelligence network as pushed by the president.

Business outlook at a good pace

The business sector is waiting for the development of the complaint filed by Nisman against the president of Argentina. With Nisman’s death, no one is sure if the truth will ever be told. The economy of Argentina is still able to fare well despite the clamors that shook the leaders of the nation. Traditional and online businesses continue to thrive. Different industries including the packaging industry are foreseen to do good in the future.