Are You Buying A 24-Carat Toilet For Your Bathroom?

Will you consider a bathroom renovation so that you can install a 24-karat toilet? Toilets have become a necessity ever since they were invented and they have undergone a lot of improvements and innovations. Automatic flush and integrated bidets used to belong to rich man’s bathrooms but they can now be found in most toilets. However, there are some toilets that are beyond the reach of most people.

1. The Toto Neorest toilet is considered as the one of the most expensive in the world at £5,000. It has the features of wireless remote that allows you to control the seat, water temperature and flush. It automatically opens and closes through sensors.

2. The INAX USA toilet costs $6,000 with speakers that allow you to listen to your favorite tunes while you are doing your business. Sensors close and open the toilet with adjustable seat temperatures and lighting to put you in a good mood.

3. The Dagobert Wooden Toilet throne will make you feel like a king. The price tag is $14,000 with the trademark pull-chain flush including a candleholder and ashtray. The toilet also has musical chimes that play the king’s song when you open the lid.

4. There are also toilets for people who love diamonds and other gems. There are toilets studded with jewels that cost more than a million dollars.

5. Moon River Art Park toilet is considered as a tourist attraction and people line up for two hours or more to experience using the one-of-a-kind toilet hidden inside a manmade cave. Toilet use is free but it is in Shanghai.

6. Hang Fung golden bathroom is made of 24-carat gold from the toilet to the door. The bathroom is owned by technology group Hang Fung. More recently, some of the gold items are disappearing from the bathroom and it is assumed that the owners are melting and selling the gold to take advantage of the high prices.

7. International Space Station toilet costs about $19 million. It was built by Russia in 2008 and features straps so that you won’t float away. Waste is sucked into the septic tank through fans and later filtered and purified to drinking water.