Are Sound Cameras Effective In Reducing Noise Pollution On The Roads?

A never-ending concert of traffic noise is caused by rush hour traffic and the occasional car diver who thinks he is on the racetrack. City dwellers often ask the question on how to reduce traffic noise in your house or permanently mute it. Traffic noise seems to be a never-ending problem that gets worse every year but authorities are doing their share to reduce if not eliminate noise pollution.

At a busy Auckland road, a futuristic sound camera was installed to help reduce noise pollution in the area. David Seymour, Epsom MP and Simon Bridges, former Minister of Transport, unveiled a noise camera that was placed near Gilles Avenue off ramp to crack down on truck engines that are illegally braking as they exit the off-ramp.

However, residents believe that the futuristic sound camera is ineffective. According to Greg Bunkall who has lived in the area for the past 7 years, the noise camera is a step towards the right direction but it has not completely eliminated the noise. He believes that the best solution for noise reduction is sound barriers.

The sounds of truck engine braking are particularly noticeable during the middle of the night. Sometimes, the sounds are too loud to jolt you awake from a sound sleep. Aside from the annoying sounds of engine braking, there are more cars on the road that add to noise pollution. Other solutions may not be able to effectively reduce traffic noise not unless sound barriers are installed.

On the other hand, according to NZTA senior manager for system management, Steve Mutton, the engine braking noise camera has reduced noise breaches since the time it was installed. During the Gilles monitoring campaign, truck drivers were discouraged from engine braking to reduce its frequency particularly during the 10PM to 7AM time period.

If you are living near busy roads, it is very likely that you are challenged on how to reduce traffic noise in your house and make it the family’s personal haven. Modern traffic noise is becoming a big problem particularly the noise of diesel trucks cruising down the road and the high pitched brakes of a bus when slowing down.