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Jesse Atkins

It is important for news to come from credible sources; reporters who have made efforts to examine and test evidence. Facts must be the basis for all kinds of news and not unverified rumors and hearsay. We at Truth For A Change aim to provide our readers with news from all over the world from first-hand sources. It is bad enough to read stories that have been over sensationalized but it is worse to read about deceptive and misleading news. People want the truth and this is what we strive to give them.

There is news that seems so convincing but very often, it is copied material from another news website. Unless you can confirm the credibility of your news source and you are absolutely convinced that it is genuine and accurate, do not lead your readers to believe that it is a qualified fact. This is the policy that we adhere to at www.truthforachange.info. Our readers believe that we will give them facts and verified information.

So many entities and organizations want to control media so that people will never know the truth. News should not lie. People all over the world must know the true facts because it is their right. This is the reason why there is Freedom of Information, a fundamental right that must be recognized and upheld.

We at Truth For A Change are optimistic that readers will support our initiative at providing only accurate news. It is also our goal to build a community of people who are not afraid to share their opinions on current world news and who are eager to share their own stories. We invite you to share your stories but make sure that it is fact not fiction. You can add photos and videos to substantiate your stories but only if you own the copyright meaning you are the first-hand source of a story and you have taken the image yourself or have used the photograph with the owner’s permission.

We look forward to your opinions and well as your submissions. If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

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