A Tribute To Queen Elizabeth’s Sixty-three Years As Queen


Unlike ordinary travelers, Queen Elizabeth didn’t need to worry about airport transfers Perth when she visited Australia. The queen has been to Australia 18 times, her second most frequented country out of the 128 countries she went to.

Her majesty is a monarch record breaker. As a tribute to her accomplishment, an interactive world map was released by Esri UK. The map discloses her journey to every country she went to during her entire reign of 63 years. She has been to all of the 128 countries lacking a passport.

The queen will be acknowledged as the monarch with the longest time in power. She led the monarchy a total of 63 years and 7 months on September 9, 2015; she surpassed Queen Victoria’s sovereignty that used to top the record.

The longest reign is not the only record Queen Elizabeth holds. She is also the monarch who has the most travels on the entire British account. Out of 270 executive visits, she was able to reach 128 nations. Conversely, Queen Victoria only stayed in Europe.

When asked about the queen’s time table, she confidently remarked that she thought she has done her part. Looking at the map only proves her point.

The interactive map contains yellow trails which denote all the places the queen reached during her reign.

She had most of her travels throughout the seventies which totals to 48 various countries and 73 excursions. She visited Canada 27 times, her most frequented country. This concludes that Queen Elizabeth went to Canada on top of every Victoria’s executive overseas trips combined.

Madagascar, Cuba and Peru are among the countries which the queen has not visited yet.

Her Majesty’s official state visits were used to strengthen camaraderie and commercial ties between the United Kingdom and other nations.

Queen Elizabeth has clarified though that her future travels are already limited. One of these travels includes a commonwealth meeting this November in Malta.

According to Stuart Bonthrone of Esri UK, the queen’s reign is truly inspiring. He said that the purpose of the interactive map is to enlighten everyone on the importance of the work she did.

He added that a visual representation of the best-travelled queen leaves an impressive mark. It becomes truly remarkable when compared to a normal person’s one or two annual flights.