A Home Is Your Comfort Zone

What is it like living the life you always wanted? Everyone can agree that a home should be a place where everything is at its finest. Everyone works hard to achieve elegance and comfort in their life. We work like there is no tomorrow to provide our daily needs and to splurge on the things we want. Getting a place to settle is indeed a very big decision to make. In fact, this is the biggest investment that anyone can ever establish in their whole lifetime. But what needs to be considered? Here is a short outline to take into account when buying a house:

  1. How much money you can spare is something that you would need to consider on top of everything else. Spending does not stop after you have paid for your home. Think of the yearly maintenance, the insurance and property taxes.
  2. Remember that wherever you choose to live, you would still need to go out to work and your kids to go to school. You can either use your private car or a public transport but both would cost you valuable time and money every single day. A short distance to work or school would be practical, to save money that can be used for travel or vacation. Walking or taking a bike is even a good form of exercise that is good for your health.
  3. Is the place a riot-free area? Are there security guards that are available 24/7? Can I leave my house or family without getting harmed? Is it safe for the children to play outside? Make sure that you will be worry free and are confident that everything is going to be safe.
  4. Accessibility and Convenience. Is public transportation available? Can my friends be able to find me in the map? Are there convenient stores around? Is there a hospital, police station, church or mall nearby?
  5. Is the club house big enough for a party? Is there a swimming pool or a playground for the kids to play in?

A luxury property in Thonglor have all these qualities and more.