$5.7 Million To Be Given To Brick Township High School For Upgrades

For schools and other large facilities, it is always important to have the electrical, plumbing and boiler systems to be upgraded. But for Brick Township High School, their boilers and electrical lines have never been upgraded since the school was first built, which was way back in 1956.

Luckily, Brick Township was granted with an $11 million improvement plan which would be used for the whole school. This summer, they will be receiving the latest portion, a whopping $5.7 million, for a construction project.

The president of the Board of Education, Sharon Cantillo, described the project as being huge. According to her, the project is so huge that the school had to cut its electricity and other utilities for the most part of the summer season.

The project that the school is undergoing would include the construction of two new boilers and new ventilators to be distributed in every classroom. This is the first time that the school has ever been provided with both heat, and most especially, air conditioning. Besides that, there will also be a complete electrical upgrade along with a new control system which can be used to help the school save on energy bills.

According to a former Board of Education member, Walter Campbell, before the construction project, there was only the east and west boilers that are about 48 years in age.

New electrical wirings are also part of the electrical upgrade. This will be used for both safety and utility. The school will also be replacing their 5 kilovolt electrical lines with 12 kilovolt electrical lines.

Cantillo said that the old electrical wiring would have been unable to accommodate the technology that is being used today.

Heating units in the school’s east gymnasium will also be replaced and the cafeteria will have a new roof-mounted unit to provide air conditioning. The library, on the other hand, will be receving a new air handler.
Every classroom will be given the option to have their climate centrally controlled from the administrative offices and will also be having a new thermostat. The construction project will see to it that the entire system is electronically controlled.