4 Tips For Safer Sydney Team Building Activities

There are several corporate events but one of the events that employees generally look forward to, is team building. Team building activities promote relaxation, fun and camaraderie among team members within the organization. It enables team members tomomentarily forget the pressures at work and their deliverables and focus on enjoying Sydney team building activities for the mean time. Team buildingsare usually done indoors or outdoors. No matter where you choose to have the activity, it is important to keep everyone safe. To do that, here are some things to keep in mind.

Seek for medical waivers

Before the conduct of the event, collect medical waivers from the participants to ensure that everyone is fit to participate in the activities. Team building activities require mobility and moving around. This may not be suitable for participants who are pregnant, those who have recently undergone medical procedure or those with medical conditions. By looking at the participant’s medical waivers, it would be easier for the facilitators to design Sydney team building activities that can be participated by everyone. Facilitators can just assign those who cannot actively participate with the activities with other lighter tasks such as time or line keepers.

Have a medical team on stand by

Participants can get too active and you never know when any of them would encounter health issues or accidents. To ensure that such issues would be addressed right away, make sure to have a medical team around during the activity. It would also be safer to keep a first aid kit during the event.

Stay hydrated

Team building activities would also lead the participants to perspire especially if the activities are done outdoors. Thus, advice the participants to take water bottles with them and in addition, have ample supply of water and refreshments at the venue. Facilitators should also be sensitive for signs of exhaustion and dehydration among participants.

Apply sunscreen

If your Sydney team building activitieswill be done outdoors, advise the participants to apply sunscreen protection including other wind and sunray protection such as bandana, proper eyewear, cap or hat and similar items. Bring extra towels and shirts with you.