4 Benefits Of Hardwood Feature Wall

Take a look at contemporary homes and you will most likely find hardwood feature wall as part of their home design. Hardwood used as wall panels, flooring and on doors make the area look modern and trendy. Having hardwood as features around the house or office space add elegance to the area and you will surely never go wrong with this type of material. With wooden tiles on your wall, the area will easily transform into a showroom for home designs and décor. Here are four additional benefits of using a hardwood feature on your wall.

Aesthetic appeal

The first benefit of having wood panels or wooden tiles on your wall would be the elegance it adds to your room. Some examples of hardwood walling are Georgian and Colonial interiors where the opulence and sophistication of wooden tiles are clearly projected. Wooden tiles allows the natural beauty of hardwood to be evident especially with finishing or lamination. They are easy to touch and easy to maintain and clean.

Hides wall flaws

If there are uneven surfaceson your wall, you can easily cover it with hardwood feature wall instead of having a repainting job or have it plastered. You can also hide your wirings and cables behind the wooden tiles. This is something you cannot do with wall paint or wallpaper.

Better insulation

Hardwood is made of organic materials which makes it a natural insulator. This way, you can be surethat you will have a cooler interioreven during summers. You can save money on power bills. Wooden materials are also best for thermal and acoustic insulation.

Easy repair

Another advantage of hardwood feature wall is they can be removed or repaired easily. The installer can just remove the damaged tile ora panel and have it replaced or fixed affecting the other remaining tiles on the wall. Have a qualified fitter or contractor to do the job for satisfactory results. Check the internet for reliable installers or you can also check the yellow pages for reference.  You might also want to ask from your friends who have hardwood feature wall for recommendations.